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Debit Card Programs

A debit card is a plastic card that provides an alternative payment method to cash when making purchases. When making a purchase, funds are withdrawn directly from either the bank account or from the remaining balance on the card. In some cases, the cards are designed exclusively for use on the Internet, and so there is no physical card. Like credit cards, debit cards are used widely for telephone and Internet purchases and, unlike credit cards, the funds are transferred immediately from the bearer’s bank account instead of having the bearer pay back the money at a later date.

Debit card programs are used by businesses to meet various companies’ needs such as:

– Dividend, Incentive, Contract Agencies
– Loan, Benefit Payout Applications i.e. payday, micro loans operations
– Commission Payouts: Network Marketing Organisations, Affiliate Payouts
– Travel, Remittance Card
– Gas Stations, Telecommunications, Phone companies, Cable TV companies
– Department Stores, Supermarkets
– Casinos, Casino Websites, Online Poker Rooms, Sports Betting & Wagering Websites

We assist client’s source best debit card program, implementation and training of staff.

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