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Straight Through Processing

Straight-through processing (STP), or flow-through processing, is a solution for seamlessly automating and integrating the end-to-end trade processing of financial instruments across all applications, systems, and organizations involved in a trade. The goal of STP is to reduce the time of the entire trading process—thereby decreasing settlement risk and lowering operating costs.

Historically, trade processing has involved manual steps and re-keying of data as it passed from one proprietary system to the next. STP aims to eliminate these inefficiencies by integrating front-end, middle, and back-end applications and connecting different trading stakeholders electronically, based on standards for system interoperability and business process interoperability. As a result, for straight-through processing to be successful companies require a technology infrastructure that is fast, accurate, and stable enough to reduce time and ensure trade accuracy and completion.

Standards are also critical, for ensuring accuracy in sharing data. Finally, the solution needs to be extensible to accommodate the future growth of trading and to be secure to comply with regulations. For enterprises seeking applications that provide effective straight-through processing, our consultants offer industry-leading solutions and technology.

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