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Tender Management

Every organisation must partner with a financial institution and use their products and services to receive moneys from their clients and disperse payments to their vendors. There are other business needs such as need for a loan, investment of surplus funds in high yield accounts, corporate and purchasing cards, equipment financing and so on.

Organisations with a need for banking services typically conduct a high level research before selecting a banking partner. However this process is non-optimised as businesses do not have all the information in one place to make an objective decision. Banks also typically provide standard rate cards as there are no bidding processes for them to follow resulting in less value for businesses.

We have years of experience in managing banking services tender management process for clients operating across various industry sectors. We work very closely with our clients in developing and managing the tender management program ensuring a more aligned outcome.

As a vendor independent consulting firm, you can be confident that our advice will be in the best interests of your company.

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